As part of the rehabilitation continuum, Link Rehabilitation offers one on one gym-based strength and fitness training. This service is predominantly for patients in the workers compensation system but private patients are welcome to request this service as well. Gym programs are tailored towards work-specific duties to optimise key work performance indicators. Gym programs are carried out at gyms local to patient's residential addresses to optimise attendance.

As a general rule, Link Rehabilitation will apply for six supervised gym sessions to set up, monitor and progress the program over a three month membership. Patients are expected to attend the gym three to four times per week and provide weekly updates via email to promote attendance and provide frequent communication. Success, in terms of outcomes, is measured by comparing pre and post gym attendance questionnaires as well as dynamometer measurements. Gym attendance will be communicated to insurers.

For those patients that have had their gym membership approved, please ensure that you wear closed in shoes and bring a mobile device (to record your exercises), towel and water bottle.

Link Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Gym Programs in Murdoch & Perth

Suite 25, 3 Barry Marshall Parade
Perth, WA 6150

08 9312 3155

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